ORTA rent land to develop responsibly sited Solar Farms.

Landowners- Orta 5 - 50 Hectare Solar Farming

Orta Solar employs one of the most experienced teams in the UK to develop a solar farm on your land. Whether you have 10 or 50 hectares available for a 5MW or 25MW solar farm, Orta's expert advisors can help. All developments are undertaken through our wholly owned sister company Steadfast Solar 1 Ltd- see our current developments here.

Solar Maintenance- Orta maintain 35,000kW of UK Solar Parks

Orta Solar employ specialist inverter trained, Low and High Voltage authorised electricians (SAPs) to maintain and operate >30MW of UK solar installations. We also deliver complete landscaping, panel washing and performance reporting services for both non-UK Engineering and Procurement Contractor's and UK solar investors.